Web localisation Web localisation is adapting an existing website to a foreign language and culture, and involves more than just a simple translation. This modification process reflects the cultural and linguistic specifics of the target language, starting from the content to the images and the general design, without affecting the website's integrity.

The content modifications are not accomplished just by translating the text, but also by adapting the measuring units, the data format and other phrases and terms that are designed to catch the attention of the target audience.

Using localisation is vital for any company wanting to extend to external markets, and the decision to enter an external market must be preceded by a thorough study of that particular market. Localisation has an obvious impact on achieving target sales (money), and the linguistic variations can generate leads (potential clients) for the direct services and sales businesses for those companies advertising products.

Doing this the wrong way can have a negative impact on the company's long-term development.

For example, there are obvious cultural differences between the US and Romania. The American business style is based on a more casual approach, using second person singular, with occasional jokes and a casual and colourful design, whereas Romanians are somewhat more strict in following a business protocol, preferring a more reserved content and a more official style. Therefore, without a prior localisation process, a Romanian business entering the American market may seem too rigid and uninteresting.

A study conducted by Common Sense Advisory in 2014 concluded that:

  • 55% of the participants admitted to purchasing products from websites displaying information in their native language55%
  • 30% of the participants never purchase products from websites displaying information in English; only 29% do that rarely30%
  • 56% of the participants spend more time on websites designed in their native language than on those in English – or they never visit the latter.56%

With many years of experience and lots of satisfied clients reporting higher conversions and higher sales, we can help you localise your business on the external market at a reasonable price.


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