i Translation of technical documentations, technical files, chemical composition of different products.

Chemical substances can be an ally, or they can destroy the environment. Regardless of the category they fall into, it is important to have as much information on them as possible so we can handle them safely and avoid accidents and disasters from happening.

Who do we translate for:

  • Producers of different products and mixes.
  • End users.
  • Governmental organisations.

What we translate:

  • Safety technical files.
  • User guides.
  • Notifications and cautionary notes.

Why is it important for safety technical files to be available in the native language?

The chemical industry continues to develop and innovate, but we must not overlook the safety of their products both for humans and the environment.

The European regulations (the REACH regulations) enforce the translation of safety technical files into the language of the country where that substance will be used. The role of such files is to offer employees the proper safe handling and working procedures. They contain information on health and the environment, but also the physical and chemical features and the measures necessary to handle an accidental spillage.

Just as important are the storage recommendations, their effects on health, providing first aid, elimination, ventilation and safety gear to be used.

It is very important to be aware of all risks involved, as this guarantees the safety both for humans and for the environment.

What makes us different

  • Specific terminology.
  • Specialised collaborators.
  • Confidentiality.


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