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Renewable energy
May 13, 2014
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May 13, 2014
Traduceri domeniul echipamente de protectie - Atelierul de traduceri
  • TaskTranslation of product presentation, quality certificates, user guides.

An individual protection equipment protects an individual against existing risks according to the activity undertaken. The concept of individual protection equipment is different from that of collective protection equipments. For example, a pair of noise isolating headphones is an individual protection equipment, while a machinery noise insulation protective cover is a collective protection equipment.

An adequate translation in this area of activity can save lives first and foremost, while, as a producer, it opens up a multitude of new outlets.

There are several main groups of products included in the individual protection equipments category, such as: head protection – specific and work site helmets (e.g.: firefighter helmets), eye protection – glasses, visors, audio protection – internal and external noise cancelling protection, face protection – visors and shields, respiratory protection – single use masks, filter semi and complete masks, hand protection – gloves and wrist protection, feet protection – O, S, P footwear, boots, clogs, body protection – mechanical and special applications overalls, fall protection – belts, connections, fall stoppers, carabiners and other supplies.

Protection equipments and devices are also classified according the special protection they offer: medical – biological, chemical – glasses, visors and special outfits, fire protection – fireproof equipments, anti-thermal, thermal, insulation work devices, smoke detectors, electrical – gloves, boots, visors, etc.

Most of the times, protection equipments is what protects the health or even the life of the wearer. Regardless of their nature, and only considering their importance, it is vital that the technical translation be as accurate as possible.

Protection equipments are classified into several categories according to the protection area, the field of activity and the handling method. The area of protection (audio, respiratory, ocular, hand, feet, thorax, etc.) and the type of protection (mechanical, chemical, fall, acoustic, electric, etc.) determine the category they fall into I, II or III (Council Direction 89/6866/CEE).