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HVAC and air conditioning
May 13, 2014
Traducere tehnice domeniul automotive - Atelierul de traduceri
Automotive translations
May 13, 2014
  • TaskTranslation, certification and legalisation of company or third party documents

The documentation being translated into the language of the country where the company is localising is imperative nowadays. Any company wishing to extend beyond the borders of the country of origin knows the importance of documents being translated into the native language.

When documents are translated into the language of the target market, the company is able to benefit from new outlets provided the translation is accurate and well-documented. The beneficiaries always appreciate the communication being facilitated between them and suppliers.

A term being used incorrectly in a contract can change its meaning or even render an entire document invalid. There is no room for ambiguities in this area, and the language must be accurate and concise. With tens of thousands of translated documentations and contracts pages, we understand the importance of terminology in this area and we have experts who will ensure that everything gets perfectly translated. We have a close relationship with our clients, keeping in touch during the project for terminological or stylistic clarifications to make sure that the end result fits our client.

Undoubtedly your safety is a priority for us so each individual who has access to the documents is under a strict confidentiality agreement.

Moreover, going to the public notary is often a burden and a waste of time for the business owners and their employees. In addition to the translation itself, we offer notary services and even delivery at company’s office for the orders exceeding 200 RON.