About Us


A few words

The world’s most successful companies had started up from an idea conceived in a garage; we all know legendary stories like those of Amazon, Apple, Disney or Google. They all had one thing in common: being born in a garage. A relatively similar story is that of our workshop, the only difference being that we were born in a more humane way - not in a garage, but in a bedroom. What was a mere idea in a middle of a night has grown to be what today is Atelierul de traduceri. Obviously, everything starts from scratch.


To offer you journeys, where you hop on a plane to different destinations around the world to do business without any cultural borders or language barriers. It is said in the world of aviation that any take-off is optional, but each landing is compulsory; likewise, any translation or localisation project we embark upon together will be completed and delivered, and to perfection. And we will make sure that the number of take-offs equals the numbers of touchdowns.


We enjoy working with words, shaping them and transforming them into art. We like challenges; we are always happy to receive new technical projects because they allow us to learn new things. The world is constantly changing, with new technologies and products being introduced into the market, so we are always ready to translate any relevant documentations.


Integrity. We keep our promises, and we tell the truth every time.

Excellence. We are keen to provide our clients the best quality service.

Communication. We are always open and communicative.

Success. We are 100% committed towards our clients, in everything we do.

Awards and distinctions.

Since 2013, we have been the number one technical translation office in Mures County, and we continue to supply companies with specialist technical translations.

We thank all our clients for choosing our translation service, and our translators for their professionalism in delivering each project.

Atelierul de traduceri - Diploma 2015 - 2016
Atelierul de traduceri - Cea mai mare firma jud Mures 2015-2015


we collaborate with companies in 38 countries


we employ over 200 translators


over 5,000 completed projects

years of expertise

over 10 years of technical expertise

How our dream has evolved

I discovered my passion for technical translations as early as 2002. CEO Virginia Bordas
  • 25 July 2002. Translation Certificate 2002

    After acquiring the Translation Certificate, I started looking for clients, and my diligence and knowledge helped me work for well-reputed companies worldwide.
  • 15 October 2010. Translate Studio 2010

    After 8 intense years and many translated pages, I decided it was time to make a change, so I founded Translate Studio, where we mainly focus on technical translations and many other complex translations pertaining to other domains.
  • 29 October 2013. Translate Studio 2013

    Since 2013, we have been the number one technical translation office in Mures County, assisting and supporting our clients with translation of documentations; we are the trusted service provider and company of choice for other businesses.
  • 15 March 2016. Translate Studio 2016

    We already serve major companies in the Mures County, Romania, and multinational companies worldwide with translation services. Our target is to become one of the top translation companies in Romania by 2020.