Often seen as a niche segment on the energy production market, renewable energy sector has started to win more and more market shares in the 70s, from the events that marked the oil crisis. Ever since, technical translations in this area of activity have been more and more sought after.

Renewable energy is the energy generated by using natural resources – solar radiation, wind, water (hydro), ocean thermal, wave and ocean tides, biomass, geothermal energy – which replete themselves naturally (and are therefore renewable). The renewable energy resources are practically limitless, provided they are used as intensively as they are produced, but are limited to the energy quantity available within a time unit. The most famous renewable energy sector is the energetic one, and more specifically the hydropower technology. Just as important, but less known, are the auto, chemical and mechanical propulsion areas.

The majority of the renewable energy nowadays is used to produce electrical energy, industrial process heat, industrial processes heating and cooling. Just as important, but less known, are the auto, chemical and mechanical propulsion areas.

The global use of fossil fuel and their ever shrinking availability, together with involved policies and other economical forces, cause them to be substituted, finding alternative and renewable fuel sources.

Due to their inexhaustible quality, the technical translations in this area are highly sought after and continuously developing.

Caused by the pessimistic scenarios of fossil fuel energy prognoses, the renewable energy has created a domain featuring specific terms, apart from the classical processes and procedures. With it being supported by special mechanisms and stimulants employed by governmental units and by the specific international organisations, speciality terminological glossaries were created, alongside the technical, economical, financial and legal, etc. ones.

  • TRaduceri domeniul energiei regenerabile - Atelierul de traduceri
    Enel, Hydropol, NEAS
    May 13, 2014
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