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May 13, 2014
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May 13, 2014
traducerea documentațiilor și a manualelor de utilizare pentru diferite echipamente medicale

traducerea documentațiilor și a manualelor de utilizare pentru diferite echipamente medicale

  • TaskTranslating medical equipment user guides, bidding documents, technical files and medical descriptions

As medical and diagnostic technologies evolve, most producers consider selling them on an increasingly larger number of international markets.

A very important aspect is the existence of high quality documentation for the safe use of any medical devices. And this documentation must be accurately translated into native languages so that both users, sellers and service personnel can understand them.

Considering that most devices employ the IT technology nowadays, the entire documentation and user interface must be terminologically consistent.

We, at the Translate Studio, have been specialising in translating and localising medical content, rendering it easy to understand by all users: doctors, surgeons, nurses, end users, trainers, salespersons and service personnel.

What we translate:

  • Usage instructions, user guides.
  • Application localisation, ensuring terminological consistency throughout the entire product documentation.
  • Clinical studies.
  • Packaging and labels.
  • Marketing materials: brochures, catalogues, presentation sites, multimedia presentations.
  • Training and e-learning materials.
  • Trade correspondence.

How we translate:

  • There are at least two linguists with vast experience in the medical field assigned to work on each project.
  • For each client we ensure the use of the client and the specialist (doctor, surgeon, nurse, etc.) validated terminology.
  • We take on both small projects and very big ones that have a tight deadline.

Your data is safe with us! We are ware of how important information confidentiality is, therefore whatever we process at the Translate Studio stays in our office!