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May 13, 2014
traducere programe si site-uri web

traducere programe si site-uri web

  • TaskWebsite, games and software applications translation and localisation.
Localisation is the adaptation of a product (website, software application, document content, catalogue, brochure, etc.) to the language, culture and regional characteristics of a certain target market. Localisation facilitates the success on a certain market.

In addition to the translation, where there is a content transfer from one language to another, localisation involves the connection between the content and the particular product or service as well. For example, the terminological and stylistic consistency is imperative throughout the entire set of materials accompanying the product or service (graphic interface, help file, user manual, marketing materials, etc.).








years of expertise

According to a study concerning the connection between consumer behavior and the available information undertaken by Common Sense Advisory, the following aspects were noticed:

– 72.1% of consumers spend most of the time on websites designed in their native language,

– 72.4% of consumers claim they would buy a product if the information was in their native language,

– 56.2% of consumers claim that the information available in their native language is more important than the price,

– more than half of the consumers agreed to pay a higher price if the seller offered information in their native language.

  • Translators with relevant expertise according to the domains.
  • Project manager dedicated to a flawless communication process.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed by contract.
  • Observation of project deadlines.

In today's economy and in the future one, there are studies showing that the influx and the number of products and services will grow exponentially, generating an ongoing exchange of goods and information between companies and individuals in different parts of the world.

In each country, each company uses a specific and specialised language for each product, service, website, instructions, user manuals, help files, etc. by which they communicate globally with their clients, employees, partners, etc.

Companies must communicate consistently using a professional and specialised language, localised and adapted to regional characteristics, to the culture and language of each outlet market they want to approach. It is essential that the language used in the communication process be simple and easily understood by clients and users.


  • Information available in client's or user's native language
  • A better understanding of the product
  • A higher trademark visibility on a global level
  • Higher sales
  • More satisfied clients
  • Lower customer service costs

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