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May 13, 2014
TRaduceri domeniul energiei regenerabile - Atelierul de traduceri
Renewable energy
May 13, 2014
Traducere tehnice domeniul automotive - Atelierul de traduceri
  • TaskTranslation of user guides, technical files and creation of the respective terminology.

The auto area is a world onto its own, with many passionate experts and specialists, whether it is about cars, motorbikes, trucks or any other means of transportation.

Just like with football, everybody is an expert in cars. But to stand out from the rest of the fans, we have carefully selected our collaborators and experts (SME), in order to provide quality translations both for our usual clients and for the specialists.

Our services include:

  • highly technical translations: service booklets, service technical bulletins, user guides, technical reports, technical specifications, spare parts lists, charts, safety technical files,
  • translation of presentation materials: websites, brochures, catalogues, presentation applications, announcements, where we try to read our potential clients’ minds, to render those specific and unique cultural aspects of every market in order to maximise sales,
  • software localisation and diagnosis and configuration;
  • terminology management: each producer has its own voice, its own language, and we can put this language to work by managing the specific terms both in the source and in the target language in order to preserve the unique identity of each of the translated material.

During the 10 years of experience we have already translated millions of words in this area for producers such as: Opel, Chevrolet, Ford, General Motors, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Saab.