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In the multimedia age when marketing campaigns are launched worldwide, every company wanting to reach out to international markets needs localisation services.

We can offer you high-quality localised subtitling and dubbing services, performed by native speakers in professional recording studios to ensure that your product is well received on the external market.


Subtitling is the process of adapting a written translation of on-screen dialogue or narration, or of the one above the scene (as in theatre plays).

Subtitling for those with impaired hearing is a rather rare niche, but it allows you to access a less used and frequently neglected market.

Whether it is about training materials, e-learning content or even artistic movies/documentaries, production companies are required to use the most cost-effective methods to reach international audiences, and that is subtitling.


Dubbing is the process of replacing the narrator's voice with one in a foreign language in a multimedia environment.

There are two types of dubbing:

- recording - the person reads a certain script without synchronisation in post-editing.

- synchronised dubbing - a script is translated so as to fit certain time parameters with the voice synchronised according to the video material.

We can provide the highest quality dubbing services to clients in all fields. This type of services is most frequently needed in:



Website content

Global companies’ internal communication

In the audiovisual area, we have completed subtitling projects for artistic movies and for documentaries by offering our services in a multitude of languages, including Asian ones (with the Asian economic market being on the rise for several years now, with the highest growth ever recorded).

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