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How to choose your translation provider?
October 27, 2015
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Today's question: Why doesn't my online magazine sell better?

Any online magazine owner wants bigger and bigger sales. Investments are made in various marketing and promotion tools, but not in translating the site in more languages.

To answer the above question, translation experts' advice is to come up with new linguistic versions. What does that mean for on online magazine? Each new language means a new market, of course!

A series of studies, repeated regularly, have shown that:

- visitors spend more time on sites that are created in their native language,

- most people prefer to buy off sites that are created in their;

- the buying decisions are taken where information is featured in their native language,

- with similar products, clients buy from the the location where they can find information in their native language,

- clients are willing to pay a higher price if the information on the product is available in their native language.

Are you asking yourself what is the advantage of a new language?


- a larger client pool with each new added language;

- longer visits on the website;

- faster and more informed buying decisions, less work for the client service department;

- higher sales, and consequently bigger profits,

- the unitary brand promotion on an international level.

The investment in online magazines' translation/localisation can sometimes be expensive, engendering complex processes and a longer execution time-frame as compared with document translation.

We, the expert team at Translate Studio, can help you with recommendations concerning the site translation process, implication and results.

Meanwhile you can relax, you will see the profit in no time!